University Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

o Therapy services available 6 days a week

o Progressive Care Plans

o Post-surgical recovery

o Specialized Wound Care Physician to promote Wound Healing

o Arthritis and Pain

o Chronic Inflammatory Pelvic Diseases

o Infective Conditions

o Tenosynovitis

o Bursitis

o Multiple Sclerosis

o Parkinson’s Disease

o Traumatic Injuries

o Cardiopulmonary Conditions

o Neuromuscular Disorders

o Stroke and Other Neurological Disorders

RehabCare Rehabilitation Services at University Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

University Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center through RehabCare Services, offers a variety of therapy services to assist residents in maintaining their maximum level of independence. These services are available to all residents – across all levels of care – and are tailored to the individual’s needs.

Services provided include:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps improve your muscle strength, coordination, manage pain, and learn to compensate for any physical limitations caused by your illness or injury. At University Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, our therapists are specially trained in assessing and treating balance disorders, provide an aquatic therapy program, and coordinate with wellness staff to create home exercise programs in our fitness center.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps restore losses in the ability to communicate, remember and understand. In addition, speech therapists help treat swallowing and chewing problems, assist you in coping with your communications if you are hearing impaired, and treat the difficulties you may have in thinking, planning and remembering.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps you adapt to, and overcome, any physical limitations that may prevent you from living independently. Occupational therapists help you relearn the skills you need in your daily life, such as dressing, grooming, bathing, eating and homemaking. At University Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, occupational therapists also assisted with specialized programs such as power wheelchair training, home evaluations and modifications in order to meet individual resident needs.